Keith Jones, Adventures with Wild Animals
Close Animal Encounters
Rub noses with a gray whale,  Pet a Giant Panda BearSnorkel with a shark, Walk a Tiger on a leash!


Strange Photos Of Keith Jones
Founder of Baja Jones Adventure Travel

Author of two books:
Gray Whales My Twenty Years Of Discovery
Ghost Tripping, A Grouping of Ghostly Travel Tales

Founder of Butanding Tours in the Philippine Islands
Founder of Tigress Tours in Thailand
Organized the first ever whale watching tour out of Pond Inlet, Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada
Organized the first snorkel with whale sharks all inclusive tour group to Holbox Island, Mexico
The only foreigner to ever hold a work permit allowing him to work as a whale watching tour guide in Mexico.

One of the world's luckiest animal seekers.
Some animals he has seen in the wild, that most people never see even in zoos include
Giant panda, red panda, takin, goral, serow, golden monkeys, bengal tigers, narwhal and a lot more.

I've traveled a lot in the last 10 years. Some places I had to travel in disguise to be safe. That was the situation when I was in Kandahar, Afghanistan in 2007. Other places I just ended up in "costume". I'm not even sure why I made this page, but here I am!

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office phone in Arizona, USA: 562-889-4016

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This is my formal Chinese attire. I enjoy wearing this jacket to evening events in China.

This is me every day.

Last time I wore a suit was in Kyrgyzstan when I interveiwed for a job in Afghanistan. That was 2007. I don't expect to wear a suit like that again anytime in the forseeable future.
I was in my room on Kandahar Airbase working on my Afghani disguise before going into the city of Kandahar in 2007.

Riding an elephant bareback is an interesting endeavor. It seems like a long way to the ground.

Although I don't enjoy cold weather at all, I find
this Arctic trip to be thoroughly rejuvenating to
my senses. Yes I was darned cold when this
photo was taken.

Walking onto the big ferry boat on a trip to Bohol Island. This is where the tarsier, the world's 2nd smallest primate, live.

At this elephant camp in Kanchanaburi we ride the elephants into the river and give them baths. Or maybe they give us baths. This is me with my granddaughter Chelsea. She is now 16, here she was 11.

Along with my very good Chinese friend, Lou Dongmei
I searched out and then climbed several old and
unrestored sections of the Great Wall in China. This
section is at a place called Jielingkou. We found it
by driving along a rural road until we saw the ruins at
the top of a steep hill. These unrestored sections of the
Great wall are difficult because of many different thorny
plants that grow along the wall.
This was me with my family in Hawaii in 1992.
I lived for 2 month in Pasay City, at a place called Pasay Rotundo. It is a unimaginably busy intersection of two main roads and the overhead rail line.

Here I am in Kandahar City in disguise. If you cannot tell which one I am,
then you need glasses. There are NO fat Afghani men. I stood out like
I had a sign on my back saying "look at this American!" These people were
so friendly. This was my favorite day of the 4 month I was in Afghanistan.

While walking across Thailand I took a one week detour and stayed at a Muser Mountain Tribe coffee growing village. Here I am carrying one of the ubiquitous carry all baskets.

There are two photos of me in this village in India. Most of these villagers
had never seen a photo of themselves nor had they ever seen an American.
I was dragged from one home to another where they would ask me to
photograph some aunt, uncle, or ancient grandmother. Then I would be
dragged out to another. Here the village headman and his assistant stand
to have their photo taken with me. Yes I'm the head above the others.

Here I am rowing on the first sea trial of my Row the Pacific adventure boat. This was 1994

I was at Wolong, the panda preserve in Sichuan Province, China in 2006 when I decided to go out and stalk a leopard one night. This photo made my granddaughter cry when she saw it. She was only 10 then.

At Wolong again, I bought this Tibetan
robe from one of the local women. I
discovered it buried in the back of a
shop filled with hundreds of different
panda stuffed animals.

On a busy street in Beijing, this
guy from Mongolia was selling
contraband stones and other
unsavory articles.I bought his
handmade hatbut he wouldn't
do the deal unless
I gave him my wool cap.

There is something very not normal feeling about stepping on the tail of a tiger. This tiger
was about 9 months old and my favorite at the
tiger temple. I could never remember his Thai
name, but he answered to me calling him
Bad Boy.

On Bohol there is a pleasant one hour river
cruise that almost every visitor to Bohol goes on.
These youngsters sit along the shore at two locations
singing and playing ukeles to earn donations.

Turn about is fair play! Bad Boy decided if I could step on his tail, he could swat my foot.

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