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Rub noses with a gray whale,  Pet a Giant Panda BearSnorkel with a shark, Walk a Tiger on a leash!


               About Keith Jones, Jones Adventures & Baja Jones Adventures
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Jones Adventures & Baja Jones Adventures were started   because of Keith's desire to be near the gray whales.  One or two weeks vaction time wasn't enough time.  We began taking small groups to Baja California to get close to the gray whales in 1995, as Baja Jones Adventures.  
    Since then, as Jones Adventures our small group, all inclusive tours, have spread around the globe.  Our primary specialization is vacations with an animal encounter or close cultural experience as the focus point.  Keith is highly skilled at leading groups to far away places in order to get close to some particular animal or to experience the "real world" people of the country we are visiting.

Our staff: Our staff has grown along with Keiths unquenchable desire to experience new and exciting animal encounters.  Each year we have limited intern spaces available for some lucky souls to work with Keith and the Gray whales of Laguna Ojo de Liebre.
     Our field staff this year included three driver/guides, two whale naturalist/guides, one dive leader, and Keith as our head guide and naturalist.  Our staff in China, Thailand, Canadian Arctic and in the Philippines includes a number of local guides who have been personally trained by Keith to understand the concepts that Keith believes are important for Westerners traveling on an Adventure Vacation.

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Since 1992 when Keith began taking people along on his adventures, every party, except one 3 day whale shark trip, has experienced their particular animal encounter.  We are the only company in the world that ever offered a $1,500 money back guarantee trip that our guests would have the chance to touch a WILD WHALE!

  Great Adventure Trips Keith now leads

Gray whale watching in Baja - touch a wild whale

Blue whales - close encounters with an 80 foot whale

Arctic Narwhal adventure

Pet a Panda during our China adventure

Snorkel with a 40 foot whale shark
Whale sharks either the Philippine Islands or Sea of Cortez, Baja Mexico

Tiger Temple really close encounters with Tigers

New trips that may be coming soon:
New Guinea Jungle Volcano LOST WORLD Adventure.

Rwanda Upland Gorilla encounter coming in July 2013. Gorillas, Hippos & crocodiles in Africa!  Keith continues his quest to get close to and observe every type of large marine wildlife.

Whales in the home of the Tango!
Pagagonia Right Whales & Magellanic Penguins.  Spicy music, friendly people and a week with the endangered Right Whales.  We'll also see thousands of penguins during this unique adventure opportunity. This trip has been on Keith's wish list for some time now

 Keith Jones - Brief bio
Since 1992 Keith has led groups to Mexico & other places around the globe in search of exciting animal encounters, especially whale encounters.  Nobody has more time on the lagoons of Baja California with gray whales than he does.  In 2005 Keith was on the water observing gray whales while working as the head guide for Baja Jones Adventures every day beginning January 15th through April 10th, except for four days.  He has done the gray whale migration trips  every year since 1992 without interruption.

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Keith has worked as a studio photographer, from his studio in Tuolumne, California.  Keith's photos are published regularly in various magazines, newspapers, specialty books and on dozens of websites.

  His writing, both fiction and travel related articles has been been published in half a dozen countries.   The most recent publication credit is the Lonely Planets Guide to Baja &   Los Cabos where he provided the Gray Whale article and an article for Sanborns Travelogues about the desert life of Baja California.

When you phone the office for last minute advice you will usually talk to Dori, Keith's assistant and business manager who works from a home office in Arizona, USA. We have a second seasonal office and base of operations in Guerrero Negro, near Laguna Ojo de Liebre where Keith is stationed January to March.  In Thailand we operate a TAT authorized travel agency and in China we are associated with an authorized tour agency in Beijing.  Our email and newsletter is managed and originates with one of our permanent China staff members. In the Philippines we operate a sister company that does Whale Shark day tours, called Butanding Tours. Keith is there much of the time from April through July.
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       Contact information:
Office phone: 562-889-4016
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Pacific time zone


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Keith once owned a portrait studio in a small town 60 miles north of Yosemite.  He now writes about Baja travel and about gray whales.  Every winter you will find him in Baja, somewhere near the Gray Whales.  As the founder of Baja Jones Adventurers, Jones Adventures, Tigress Tours in Thailand and Butanding Tours in the Philippine Islands, he has led thousands of people to Mexico and other interesting locations around the world. 

Since 1992 Baja Jones has logged over 3000 hours observing the whales of Baja, while sitting in pangas, on the various lagoons and ocean waters of Baja California, Mexico.  Keith has also logged more than 100,000 miles driving the Baja Highway #1 and the many side roads along the way.  We believe our leader is the most knowledgeable person currently working as a gray whale watching guide in Mexico.  His writing and photos have been published in a dozen countries and scores of magazines, newspapers and web sites.  He corresponds with hundreds of writers, environmental activists, biologists, researchers, scientists, students and other whale enthusiasts each year.  Each issue of our newsletter is read by several thousand people.  Keith recently wrote the Gray whale section for the "Lonely Planets Guide to Cabo and Baja" and the Baja Desert section for The Sanford Travel Guide.

From 2005 Keith has lived and traveled in the USA, Mexico on to Laos, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Canada, Dubai, China, Thailand and the Philippines and back again, carrying his daily needs in a battered REI backpack and a crumpled black roller bag.  Keith continues to lead almost all of our tours, while continuing his work of training guide staff, developing new tour destinations and finding new places to visit on the tour routes that he has already developed.


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                                      The Jones Adventures / Baja Jones Adventures staff is a multi-lingual, multi-national group of adventurers who work hard to bring our clients the best vacation adventures possible.  Most of our staff speak two, three or more languages.  All of our staff have attended universities where their studies included tourism, English and national history.  This is highly educated, deeply motivated crew who have learned to love the animals we take our clients to see.

In Thailand, Onanong Hukharn takes great care with our clients.  Speaking English, Thai and Lao languages

Patti from Minnesota, Baja Whale Watching guide for 8 seasons and veteran of numerous dive adventures around the world

Oscar, in Baja Mexico, a seasoned guide and driver who has worked with tourism in Mexico for 20 years.  English and Spanish speaking.

Karin from Holland.  Multi-lingual in five or more languages and a whale watching guide for Baja Jones for more than 6 seasons. English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German and more languages.

Brian Jones, the staff videographer and IT guru. 

Baja Jones lends a helping hand to assist this tarantula cross the road

Keith (Baja) Jones hard at work

Amy from Canada, relaxing in Loreto on a blue whale trip.  Amy knows more about the Orcas around Vancouver Island than almost anyone.  She has been a whale watch guide in Canada, Hawaii & Baja
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