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Baja whale watching tour operators quick comparison chart

Please be advised that this information was updated July, 2013 and reflects prices for the 2014 Baja whale watching season.  

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To our many UK, European and Australian clients I apologize that the "extra cost" below for transport is shown from the USA. This is to try and give an accurate accounting of what the real costs for each tour operator will be. If you will flying directly to Cabo, La Paz or Loreto you can simply deduct that "extra cost:" from the final estimated trip cost for your own real cost.

To our MANY solo travelers, Baja Jones has never charged a single supplement fee on any Baja Winter Whale Watching trip. EVER. We welcome solo travelers. Our founder, Keith, travels solo all over the world and would never book ANY tour with a company that charges a single supplement fee. An amazing 35% of our clients are solo female travelers. Some single and some married women whose husbands would rather stay at home. Our trips provide a secure and comfortable environment for solo travelers. YES you will have your own room.

The tour comparison is taken from the various tour operators public websites. We used our knowledge of the various styles of travel and accommodations to assemble this handy comparison that easily allows your to compare some very different styles of tours. The least expensive are at the top and the most expensive at the bottom. Price does not always equal quality. Baja Jones Adventure Travel has been operating successfully for 19 years and has the VERY BEST record of ANY Baja whale watch tour operator. We are the ONLY Baja whale watching company to be placed on the National Geographic Adventurer Magazine's list of the "World's Best Adventure Tour Operators" . THE ONLY ONE.

This chart compares 5 & 6 day gray whale watching tours that generally provide 3 days of whale watching, but there are some variations to this. Baja Jones also has gray whale watching trips that originate in Cabo San Lucas and La Paz. The trip listed below is our first and classic trip beginning in San Diego. We also have 7,8,9,10,11 and even 13 day combinaton gray and blue whale trips.
You can take one of our 8 or 9 day trips for the same price as our competition charges for their 5 or 6 day trips. But read on and do your own comparison.

Keith's Gray Whale book has been selling in the top 100 of marine wildlife books since it was published last year. Check out this book to get an idea of our passion and knowledge.

Name of tour operator or business Estimated extra cost Per Person for transport from U.S. to the tour operators start point. Type of transportation tour operator provides to the Baja whale watch destination

details for :
toilet &
Food &

Number of whale watches. all boat trips for gray whales on all the lagoons are 1 1/2 to 2 hours in length.


Whale watch destination Trip price per person/single supplement

+++ indicates there are other costs such as transport to Baja

Estimated actual trip price, from departure point in the U.S. This includes extra transport if needed and single supplement and any other fees such as taxes or fuel surcharges

Baja Jones Adventure Travel

5 Day Gray Whale trip

Transportation is included from San Diego including airfare
Regional scheduled Air carrier whose maintenance is USA performed

Real beds with comfortable mattresses and fluffy warm comforters. Robes and slippers.

bathrooms with gas powered hot water showers either shared or ensuite

6 boat trips


Laguna Ojo de Liebre (formerly known as Scammons Lagoon) $2,495

no single supplement charge ever

$2,495 per person solo or couples
Baja ecotours
updated 7/28/13
Transportation is included from San Diego Air charter

Wood cabanas

public outhouse toilets. Marine style toilets.

showers shared by the group out of room solar powered

6 boat trips San Ignacio Lagoon


$350 single supplement

$21 tourist card
15 entrance fee

$2,750 per person double occupancy

$3,150 solo traveler

Baja Discovery
updated 7/28/13

Transportation is included from San Diego Bus and air combination. Take bus from San Diego to Tijuana. Transfer to Mexican maintained & operated air charter flight to the Lagoon. Tents


public outhouse toilets

public out of room solar powered shower

6 trips San Ignacio Lagoon $2,650 ++

150 single

$2650 per person double occupancy

$2,800 per solo traveler
Baja Air Ventures
updated 7/28/13
Transportation is included from San Diego Private small plane charters

At Laguna Ojo de Liebre in a nice Bed & Breakfast 2 nights

At Bahia Animal 3 nights in solar powered yurts (similar inside to a luxury safari tent) with beds.

Attached ensuite composting toilets

Public out of room solar powered shower

3 or 4 whale watch boat trips on two days only. then remainder of time at the desert yurt camp.

Laguna Ojo de Liebre for whale watching

Bahia de Animas (Sea of Cortez) for relaxing & kayaking

$2,595 price +

$415 tax (16%)

actual price $3,010

$3,010 per person double occupancy

solo traveler cost not accessible on the website.

Natural Habitats
Updated 7/28/13

They actually use one of the San Ignacio Camps listed above for their tour and simply provide a "trip leader" to go along with the group.
Transportation from Loreto by van to San Ignacio lagoon. You must get to Loreto. Estimated air fare on Alaska Air $600 round trip.

Wood cabanas

beds plywood with foam pad

outhouse toilets

shared out of room solar powered shower

6 boat trips  San Ignacio Lagoon


$675 single supplement fee

$400 - 700 airfare from USA to Loreto

$2.995 +
600 airfare
$3,595 per person double occupancy including transport from USA

$4,270 solo traveler cost from USA

Baja Jones Adventure Travel

8 day Combo Blue & Gray whales

We added our 8 day combo to the chart so you can see that with Baja Jones you can actually get 8 days of whale watching for the price of 5 or 6 days with other tour companies.

Origination point is Loreto. Estimated round trip air fare from LAX via Alaska Airlines $600, but varies a lot. You fly to Loreto. We provide van transport when traveling to whale watching destinations out of Loreto.

Motel style hotel.

Real beds with comfortable mattresses.

In room private bathrooms with gas powered hot water showers

Breakfast & dinner at local restaurants. Lunch is picnic buffet style at whale watch area or brown bag lunches.

This varies depending on which itinerary you choose. For our Feb 14 - 21 trip there are 2 blue whale trips and 5 gray whale trips. Sea of Cortez offshore of Loreto and Laguna Ojo de Liebre and San Ignacio Lagoon. 3 different whale watch venues.


no single supplement charge ever


You can take our 8 day trip, get to see gray and blue whales for less or the same as our competitors 5 and 6 day whale watching trips.

600 Air Alaska

3,395 estimated total cost from USA.

Per person solo or double

I made this chart because so many people tell me that what is included and not included in the price of many tours is confusing. I agree with them. I try to tell you exactly what you are paying for. That isn’t the case with some operators. You should of course check all facts for yourself. This chart was compiled off of internet web sites and quite likely the prices listed have increased. We do not warranty the quality of our information, but believe we have copied the information accurately. Some tour operators do not state clearly how many whale watches they give. We made our best effort to determine the true number. If anyone finds an error, we will of course promptly make any corrections.

Whale watching tour operators please let me know if I have made any mistakes or omissions in the above information. We will gladly make any corrections to the pricing or style of accommodations we have listed, if in error. We run this website on the basis of scrupulous honesty. Nothing less is acceptable. It is only fair to our clients, who will be spending several thousand dollars on an adventure of a lifetime, that they know precisely what they are paying for. We run our operation out of a love for the whales and a desire to preserve the species and their environment by a program of education. That is why we do what we do. We hope you share in those feelings.