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Compare whale watching locations

  Read below for major whale watching locations and the differences between them.

I'm asked over and over what differences are between one whale watch tour and another. There is much confusion about exactly what is included in a trip,
where the tour will actually go to, how many whales you can expect to see, and just how many times you will get to go out on the water each day to view the whales.

Costs are extremely confusing because some trips (such as ours) are truly all inclusive. (click here for easy to understand comparison chart) While others don’t include transportation or transfers or they tell you in very fine print that they expect you to drive across the border and meet the trip leader in Tijuana!  Don't drive in Baja if you have never traveled past Ensenada with an experienced Baja traveler.  Another tricky advertising ploy that I've noticed is the reference to Kayaking on many of the tour operators web sites.  Don't be fooled.  Ask them specifically if you will be allowed to Kayak anywhere near to the whales.  Mexican regulations specifically prohibit kayaking near the whales.  Also don't be fooled into thinking that kayaks are environmentally better for the whales.  Whales know and identify boat motors.   The noise allows the whale to locate the boat well before the whale can see it.   With kayaks, the whales are frequently startled or frightened because suddenly the kayaks appear next to them.

Several tours now price their trips beginning in Loreto.  We too have offered a Loreto access trip for more than 10 years.  You must purchase your air transport and then meet up with the tour in Baja at the Loreto Airport.  This places you in the position of dealing with flights and possible delays that don't really make for an easy "all inclusive" trip.  On the other hand this allows you to spend time on the warmer East side of Baja either before or after your whale watching adventure.   The  hidden costs such as the air fare to Loreto that will make your trip at least a five hundred dollars more expensive than what the "tour" cost is must be factored in when comparing trip costs.  If considering a Loreto access with whale watching at Magdalena Bay keep in mind that each day you will leave your Loreto motel/hotel and travel 2 to 3 hours each way to get to and from Mag Bay.  Our Loreto access trips still take you to Laguna Ojo de Liebre and with far less total drive time than the daily grind over to Magdalena Bay from Loreto.   The Mag Bay 5 hours each day,  compares with one trip of 4 1/2 hours for our trips to get to our final destination at Guerrero Negro.   From our motel whale watching is about 30 minutes away.

Baja Jones Adventure Travel now offers Loreto access for whale watching for Blue whale in the sea of cortez, for gray whales at Laguna ojo de Liebre and at San Ignacio Lagoon. We also now offer whale watching trips beginning in La Paz or Cabo San Lucas. So we can accommodate you from any of the major airports in Baja or from the USA, San Diego.  We offer overnight accommodations at Magdalena Bay.

Let me say that most tour operators believe they are giving you a good trip. But almost no other company has our years of experience in Baja Whale Watching. Twenty years of business operation.

We have two generations working in the business now with a third generation of Baja Jones' about to join the operation. Come travel with the man who wrote the BOOK on Gray Whales.

Because Baja Jones is an integral and active part of our operation, we are able to keep our overhead costs bare bone.  Keith is on almost all of our trips at least part of the time and is the best gray whale naturalist available.  We spend the money on your trip, not on our office furniture.  You will find out quickly that when you deal with us, most communication is directly with one of our owners.  You get the facts and you get them directly from us.  There are many more expensive trips you can purchase.  There are none that treat you better or offer better whale watching opportunities.  There are many trips that either act as brokers, actually placing you in someone else's San Ignacio camp.  Some of these have their own "trip" guide and some don't.  Other budget whale watching trips are offered by individuals or groups who bring one or two groups each year.  These are not local "experts", but usually operators who have many other trip interests each year.   Your guides may or may not be highly experienced with Baja gray whales.

We are now operating a seaside tented lodge at Laguna Ojo de Liebre. With more than 20 years experience we know what people want in accommodations. First on the list is reliable hot water and real flush toilets.  So our camp has 24 hour gas fired water heaters and real toilets.  We also have comfortable beds with Ikea mattresses, fluffy comforters and warm fleece blankets.  Robes, slippers and rugs on the floor of your tent.

Note from Keith: When I began our gray whale campaign almost 20 seasons ago, I had free choice to set up our home base anywhere I wanted. It was a toss up between San Ignacio and Guerrero Negro (the town adjacent to Laguna Ojo de Liebre). I was leaning toward San Ignacio Lagoon because the media publicizes this location and almost never mentions Laguna Ojo de Liebre.  I heard all the talk about "friendly" whales and like most people at first I really thought that those whales are different than the whales at Laguna Ojo de Liebre.  Since then I have learned that some of the same whales may be found in more than one lagoon during the course of the whale watching season.  Not only that, but we have many really nice whales here in Laguna Ojo de Liebre too.

Our company now leads whale watching tours to all 3 of the gray whale nursery lagoons. My personal favorite location will always be Laguna Ojo de Liebre, with Magdalena Bay second and San Ignacio in third position. But clients who have taken our World's Greatest Whale Watching Event tour that visits all 3 lagoons have varying opinions about which location is "best". Many choose Mag Bay as #1, the majority agree with me that Laguna Ojo de Liebre is the number one experience and a small but vocal minority choose San Ignacio Lagoon as their favorite of the three.

It was this feedback that caused us to begin doing more tours to Magdalena Bay. Many people want the ease of flying into Cabo or La Paz and then a shorter drive to the whale watch locations. This kind of trip allows them to stay in Cabo for some resort vacation time after their adventure whale watching.

If you want to know more about the gray whales send us an email. Or look for Keith's book on

Gray Whales
My Twenty Years Of Discovery
Keith Jones


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