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                               Guilin, Li River Cruise & Longsheng Rice Terraces



Our Guilin Tour would not be complete without a cruise on the Li River. This is one of the most famous and picturesque places in all of China. The new 20 RMB bill even has an image from the river on the face of the bill. As we cruise along, people can be seen trying to match the image on the bill to what they are actually seeing.

The cruise begins at the dock about 20 or 30 minutes drive outside of Guilin. Total cruise time is roughly 4 1/2 hours. This is a leisurely cruise that makes for an enjoyable and interesting day. There is time to walk around the boat, talk with new friends and just sit and soak in the sights.


The cruise begins on a section of the Li River that is winding and at places controlled by manmade levees and reinforced shorelines. This soon gives way to the main river. We pass a few towns and villages along the way.

Misty mornings are normal here, but the haze generally clears.


Lunch is served buffet style onboard the river boat.

We always try to reserve seats in the upper deck dining room. This allows us to sit and enjoy the scenery while eating.

Lunch consists of mostly traditional Guilin dishes. Tasty and filling. Be sure to try the breaded sweet yams.



What makes this river cruise most interesting are the unusual limestone hills that just pop up out of the ground. Called limestone karst formations, these hills add a beauty to this region unlike any you may ever see.

The hills have fueled a local mountain climbing craze. In Yangzhou and Guilin we see climbing shops and clubs scattered between the more normal mix of stores and shops.



 These bamboo rafts are the traditional vessel on this section of the Li River. Giant bamboo is gently bent in a upward sweep to form the bow.

This vendor was selling fruit and vegetables.


This vendor had some small crabs and river shellfish for sale.  


 4 to 5 hours later we arrive at the town of Yangzhou. This is an interesting town with hundreds of shops and sidewalk cafes, restaurants and coffee shops.

It is a good place to find some unusual souvenirs as your China Adventure trip nears the end.

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