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                 Volunteer to Work with Taishan at Bifengxia Panda Preserve   



So many people were saddened to see Taishan leave Washington D.C. and fly away to his new home in the Bifengxia Panda Preserve. But with every new change in life comes opportunity. Taishan's leaving D.C. has opened an opportunity that NEVER would have been available to the public in America.

We can provide you with the opportunity to work alongside Taishan's Keeper and Handler. Our volunteer program affords our clients the chance to clean panda cages, carry new bamboo to the pandas, feed them and rub elbows with the men and women who have dedicated their lives to caring for these pandas.

We first brought our clients to work with the pandas and their keepers in 2005. This is our sixth season. During this time we have formed friendships and relationships with many of the staff at the Panda Preserve. It is because of this friendly and warm relationship that we are able to offer our clients the opportunity to work alongside the Panda Keeper who cares for Taishan.


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This Taishan opportunity may not be available in 2011. Why? The panda preserves are scattered across China. To spread the gene pool and to help to maintain a healthy Panda breeding population the pandas are frequently moved from one facility to another. Taishan could be moved without notice if the administrators in charge of this part of the panda breeding program decide he is needed elsewhere.

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                2014 trip date
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October 8 - 18
October 13 - 18


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About Taishan:

Taishan was born July 9, 2005 at the Washington D.C. Zoo.

Taishan was relocated to Bifengxia when he left Washington D.C. on February 4, 2010.

The original agreement between the Chinese Government and the D.C. Zoo was that Taishan was to be relocated to China following his second birthday. Because of the overwhelming public outcry China agreed to allow his time in the USA to be extended for an additional 2 1/2 years.

Are you a Taishan Fan? Then join us in July, August or September and you can meet Taishan and his keeper. For an intimate and close encounter such as never was possible when he lived in Washington D.C. send us an email to get all the details.


Can I really pet a panda?
, our trip includes several days working behind the scenes at a Chinese Panda breeding facility.  We don't know exactly what chores we'll be assigned.  It could be carrying bamboo to the enclosures.   Or maybe we'll be cleaning up panda poop.  One thing we can count on is that we will be right in there with the Giant Panda bears...and if you don't want to work inside the enclosures, you can still come along and be guaranteed the opportunity to pet a panda! No volunteer work required if you don't want to do it.   The only place in the world to get this close to Giant Pandas.
         Giant Panda Bear Quick Facts
- - Life span about 25 years
- - Grow to 3 1/2 feet tall & 300 pounds
- - In the wild normally only 1 baby is raised to maturity although 2 or 3 may be born. (High success rate of raising twins in captivity)
- -Food is mainly  4 bamboo species
- - They have the digestive system of a carnivore, so they must eat 12 to 16 hours a day to consume adequate nutrition.
- - DNA studies place them in the bear family, not the racoon family.  Currently classified in a separate taxonimic family.
- -Do not hibernate.  Move up and down the mountainside to regulate thermally.
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Although the earthquake in China closed the Wolong Panda Preserve in 2008, our volunteer program and most of the pandas were relocated to a nearby facility that has been considered a subset of the Wolong Preserve.  Most of the staff has also relocated to Bifengxia Panda Preserve where we now do the volunteer panda portion of our China tours.
The Panda Breeding program is now back on track with about 12 expectant pandas.

Special 6 day Panda Only tour

Day 0:
Depart USA, cross the international date line to arrive in Beijing on Day #1.
Day 2: We leave Beijing in the morning, arriving in Chengdu around noontime.  From there we drive about 4 to 5 hours into the mountains to the Bifengxia Panda Preserve.
Day 3:      
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Our Big Chinese Panda Encounter trip itinerary.
Day #0: Depart from the USA. We cross the international dateline thus arriving in Beijing on Day #1
Day #1: Arrival in Beijing. Check into the 4 star Peixin Hotel which is located close to the heart of the City. Dinner will be an adventure all its own as we join
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At Jones Adventures, our vacation tours are all about helping people achieve their dreams of getting close to a particular animal while simultaneously enjoying a great vacation trip.  Keith has successfully led people on animal encounter trips since 1994.  He takes the worry out of the equation.   You don't need to waste hours, days and weeks of time planning and preparing for a trip, only to finally get there and be disappointed.  That's what our all inclusive tours are all about.  There are other tour operators who offer Pandas as part of their tour. We get you really close to these wonderful animals. Don't be mislead by trips that take you to Beijing or Chengdu to see the Pandas there.  Those locations DO NOT COMPARE to the Bifengxia Panda Preserve. There are no other tour operators with our experience and our success at putting clients together with wild animals in close encounters.  We believe that we have the best record in the world for successfully placing clients in close encounter situations with wild animals.  To read more about us click here.
Hotels may change due to availability or local conditions.  We always book into a 3 star or better and normally our hotels are 4 star.
** We reserve the right to change side trip and tour destinations to meet local conditions such as weather, renovation or overcrowding.
*** The work experience may vary considerably from month to month.  Work duties change with the seasons and with the individual health of each panda.  You will work with a panda keeper and your experience will be significantly related to the duties of that particular animal keeper.
Safety and health concerns for the pandas may alter the tour volunteer program in part, at any time.  Frequent changes to the pattern of work and to what is allowed and is not allowed is normal and customary.  The type of close encounters available as options or offered as part of the program change from time to time. Individual pandas, such as Taishan, may be relocated to other locations without notice.


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