Pet a Giant Panda Bear

Explore China and experience close contact with Giant Panda Bears

Special optional experience Short time period inside the Panda Nursery, where you may bottle feed and burp a baby panda. This special event has very limited availability and WAS NEVER offered before 2009.

7 Day China Tour
11 Day China Tour

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It is easy to work with us to customize extensions of this tour for Yangtze River cruises or to visit other cities or wilderness areas either before or after our Panda intense tour. Recommended sites include Shanghai and Guilin and the River Li day cruise or the rice terraces (said to be the most beautiful spots in China).

Can I really pet a panda?
Yes, our trip includes several days working behind the scenes at a Chinese Panda Breeding and Research facility. Chores assigned to our group typically include carrying bamboo to the enclosures or maybe we’ll be cleaning up panda poop. One thing we can count on is that we will be right in there with the Giant Panda bears…and if you don’t want to work inside the enclosures, you can still come along and be guaranteed the opportunity to pet a panda! No volunteer work required if you don’t want to do it. The only place in the world to get this close to Giant Pandas and their keepers.

What’s included in our BIG China panda trip price?
Meals, lodging in 3 star & 4 star or better hotels, all ground transportation while with the group, domestic air transportation within China, fees associated with our various side trips and an English speaking Chinese guide, plus Keith as the trip leader when available. Side trips as noted in the trip itineraries.